Your Offshore Crypto Bank Account

When I look back to before 2001 the offshore banking world was completely different and certainly more accessible.

Today it is true to say that for most people, and especially US persons, offshore banking is dead. Yes, there is still a use-case for keeping a portion of your cash outside your own country, but what made offshore banking “of old” more appealing were the number of additional “features and benefits” that were available.

So what is a freedom-loving, privacy-wanting individual to do?

In my opinion the new “offshore’ involves accessing the crypto space, the digital “new banking” services that are emerging.

I make it my business to test most new crypto services out there, simply because I want to find out how they work, and how well.

One such service I have been playing around with for nearly a year now is Uphold (formerly BitReserve).

So what’s Uphold? Essentially it is a digital assets platform which enables you to store and transact Bitcoin and fiat currencies, along with gold and silver – all backed by their 100% reserve policy.

What makes this service so attractive is the ability to move your funds between currencies and assets at will, with no fees. In other words, it can be used to hedge against various possibilities at the click of a button.

It can also be used to move funds from one form to another.

Let me give you an example of an action I have just completed, and which has most impressed me.

A couple of days ago I sent 0.5 Bitcoin to my Uphold account. I waited for an opportune moment then converted those funds to GBP. I then did a withdrawal of this GBP to one of my bank accounts (linked to my Uphold account). This transfer process, from initial withdraw to funds in my bank account, was completed within 15 hours and at zero cost to me.

Now tell me, where can you get banking services like that?

With Uphold you can send funds to anyone via email – Bitcoin, fiat currencies, gold and silver – and they can redeem it simply by opening an account. And of course you can also send directly to other Uphold account holders, as well as to any Bitcoin address.

Over the past year Uphold has continued to develop and improve its services and I now find it to be a very viable alternative to traditional offshore banking services.

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