The Dogs of War

While our “dear leaders” like to talk of terrorism and the need to fight it, it’s much more instructive to realise we’re at war. No, not any sort of conventional war where one nation fights another, but asymmetric warfare where one side are nation states – with their smart bombs, fighter aircraft, aircraft carriers and mini-nukes – and the other side are non-state “actors” with limited means of sophisticated weaponry.

Until we fully understand that we in the West have been waging an ongoing war on various countries in the Middle East and North Africa – Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen and even Iran (covertly) – we will not understand the method of response to such warfare, what we like to call “terrorism”.

The more we wage war on these people, the more we generate a response – i.e. more terrorism (or fight-back). And yet our leaders only response to such terrorism is more “war” against those countries, a doubling down on already-failed strategies, which has the obvious effect of generating more terrorists. It’s like a hydra-headed monster.

So ask yourself… if you were a young man in one of those countries, and the USA, UK and France (to mention the main culprits) had been bombing the bejesus out of your place of residence and killing your family with abandon, wouldn’t you become an “angry” young man and look for ways to seek revenge, to get even? I’m sure you would.

Well, that’s what we’re facing, a growing throng of angry young men who have found solace and motivation in the violent jihadist ideology of Wahhabism – as promoted by our supposed “friend and ally” Saudi Arabia.

The quickest way to diffuse and hopefully end this “war” would be for the already-mentioned Western nations to simply pull out of the Middle East altogether. To stop meddling in their affairs. To stop attempting regime change. To stop killing people at wedding parties. To stop killing children. And more importantly, to stop financing jihadist uprisings in the hope of engineering change in that godforsaken part of the world.

In this regard I find myself agreeing with John Pilger’s analysis in his must-read essay…

A World War Has Begun: Break The Silence


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