The Following Endorsements Are All Real, From People I Have Assisted Over The Years

Dear David, you have created an invaluable resource that contains a veritable plethora of actionable information. You and your associates have assembled all the information necessary for me to become truly sovereign, and located it in an easy to navigate site. The competition requires attending costly conferences and the purchase of any number of publications. I am not one to take food out of anyone's mouth, but I resent supporting their publishers too. As a retired Air Force officer, I am not easily impressed, but you have developed a one stop shopping mall for this critical and timely information. Our nation is being stolen from its citizens and as we used to say, 'Time to punch out." Thank for a job well done.

J. Stann, USAF Maj., Ret., USA

I've recently joined and I find it explosive! Upon reading the materials I felt as if Edisons' first incandescent bulb had lit itself in some heretofore unknown part of me and splashed brilliant, illuminating light into dark places I didn't even know existed! Perhaps not unlike a lighthouse shining through the fog to guide a ship to safe harbor. Thank you David. The knowledge is both wonderful and awesome.

Marcus Yarborough, California, USA

David, first thanks for the top quality superfast customer service response! My browser crashed in the middle of payment transaction so did not receive login instructions. Your customer support was exemplary and I was all set up less than 5 minutes after contacting you. The members area is well thought out, step by step guides for getting started, and an incredible array of well researched resources and in depth information.  An excellent resource thank you!

Joseph Riley, NSW, Australia

Your website is a "breath of fresh air". A wealth of infomation, of which I've only scratched the surface of in my first 6 days, which will no doubt be a great help in raising my "global" awareness of things that matter and setting a path toward a future of "true" freedom for my family. Speaking as an "politically & religiously neutral open-minded" U.S. citizen, the future set before us is bleak if you choose to accept it. The only way to brighten your future is by educating yourself with information from varied sources, making a plan and actually executing it. This membership site is a great place to start!"

Marvin Anderson, Colorado, USA

I'm glad I invested in a membership. If you're looking for a central hub for everything offshore, then I would highly recommend a membership. From a quick start offshore account, to securing your privacy this site has it all and more. Definitely worth the investment and well worth your time.

Garry Frizzell, Saskatchewan, Canada

Just what I've been looking for - fantastic! At the price, this is great value for information that will have long term benefits. I'm really impressed by the content within the member area, where I've already found answers to most of the questions I had before joining.

David Stolz, London, United Kingdom

I am pleasantly in awe of the vast amount of information on this site. I was up late last night just browsing through articles and resources and got so excited! I am very encouraged about the possibilities that exist and am very happy to know that I have options- and lots of them. The membership area is very comprehensive and I look forward to going through the information and asking tons of questions, which I love to do. Keep up the great work David!

Andrea Miller - Ontario, Canada

Dear David, where have you been hiding all these years? Ever since I set my sights on your website, there was never any doubt I would join. Indeed, this is the fastest decision I've ever made! As a new member, I can only describe it as a daunting, yet ultimately, empowering experience. This is the beacon for all freedom-loving and seeking individuals. If this were a book, it'd be my bible! Thank you, David, for making what seemed impossible now probable and possible.

Ma Luisa Marcelino, Philippines

David, I am delighted to have found your information! Although I have barely scratched the surface, I am so grateful to have found this wealth of information and actual references and resources on a subject few dare to even discuss. I applaud your courage, David, as well as your brains in collecting, organizing and sharing in a very articulate style and accessible format, this body of knowledge.

Sheila Nixon, New Mexico, USA

I love your web site. All of the reports are very well written and filled with tons of practical advice. But I especially enjoy the philosophy behind the recommendations. You explain your position clearly and compellingly and provide a context that is more global and timeless than I see in most other writing. I am extremely glad that I joined.

Brent R, San Francisco, USA

David, I just wanted to let you know how much being a member of your service has meant to me and my family. As I'm sure you are aware there is a lot of "misinformation" out there about what it means to be truly sovereign and free. However, you have always been the best source I have found for the "real facts". You don't try to promise pie in the sky solutions, but instead give us the tools to truly educate ourselves. Your honesty and integrity is something we truly appreciate. As they say... "the truth will set you free". Thanks again for giving us the truth.

Debra P, USA

Dear David, I wanted you to know how much I have learned from you. I am truly grateful for all the wonderful information I have received. I stumbled into finding your website. I have been absorbing as much as a can read. I read it all! You have given me a sense of peace that I am not alone in the way I feel about sovereignty. I know that I have many options now because of your emails and reports. I know the time is coming soon to make the necessary changes to my life.

Elizabeth Toplin

I'd like to once again join my compliments to those who have offered far more eloquent praises for your writing ability. It is one thing to be a word-smith, and quite another to aggregate the huge amount of inflowing data we are being bombarded with daily and re-presenting it to your readers in a well-thought-out analysis. Quite simply, I enjoy reading your commentaries, even as I receive actionable intelligence from them.

El Hombre Viejo

I wanted to thank you for your work and tell you that it’s given me a whole new way of looking at my future (I’m not-too-bad 64... so it was time). It's also helping me plan for that and avoid a max of problems.

Maureen Abbott

I continue to enjoy your insightful and outspoken views and interpretations of our society and how it affects each one of us.  Keep it up and much success with the new format.  I await your next tryst each time in comes to my email box.

James Still

I got the report! If I were younger, I would be Gung Ho to go, but I'm eighty now, and just want to protect what is left, for my sons. Your articles are nothing short of great, and I hope millions will follow, but I'm thinking most are of the "sheep" variety. Once you're in the harnesses, it's hard to free yourself.

Tom Zagel
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