Middle East Double Standards

It never ceases to amaze me how brazen the double standards are when it comes to the Middle East. Take the shooting down of the Russian bomber by Turkey for example.

Clearly, whether the Russian aircraft was in Turkish airspace or not, there was no imminent threat to Turkey, and yet it shot down a plane citing the right to defend its airspace.

But what about Syrian airspace?

The sky over there is crowded with US, French, Canadian, Israeli and even Australian aircraft – all clearly violating Syrian airspace – while the Russians are the only ones there with Syria’s permission.

Does this give the Syrian government the right to start shooting down US and allied aircraft? Well, according to the Turkish viewpoint, yes!

The trouble with this latest skirmish is that it has the potential to escalate quickly into a rather nasty situation, precisely because Turkey is a member of NATO. If Russia retaliates in any way, it could trigger a response which includes the USA.

This is dangerous stuff, and reminds us exactly what sort of people we allow to rule over us. Idiots. Dangerous idiots. Sociopathic idiots.

World wars are started this way, with small blunders which quickly escalate into major military conflicts. Hopefully, the usually sane Vladimir Putin will not play into the provocations of the US and its allies.


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  • FreedomOffshore


    November 28, 2015

    Talk about Idiocy look at what I found on one of the forums I go to from time to time:

    CIA And Swiss Banks Fund ISIS And Al Qaeda

    Listen to this Army Counter Intelligence Officer Whistle Blower



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