MaidSafe Moving Forward

As an early adopter of Bitcoin (purchased my first coins in 2011), I’m often asked my opinion regarding other crypto innovations.

One such innovation I have mentioned before is MaidSafe and the development of the Safe Network.

Essentially it’s is a peer-to-peer distributed internet which does away with the need for centralised servers.

My own interest was piqued when I first read about it a couple of years ago, and I purchased a bunch of MaidSafeCoins as a speculation.

The good news is that the MaidSafe project is getting very close to what’s termed a MVP release – “minimum viable product”. This will enable anyone to download the client and start using the live network.

A few important features (SafeCoin and messaging) will be missing from the initial live version, but are expected to be included within a few months.

If you’re someone who’s keen to keep up with such crypto developments, then I recommend you watch the latest short video from the MaidSafe team, which demonstrates how the network client works and how it is used to access apps.

I have been downloading testnet versions of this over the past month or so, and it’s all pretty exciting. However, with the imminent launch of the MVP it will be “live” and its true functionality can be tested and used.

If this intrigues you, you can learn how to install the test SafeNet Launcher here:

For a quick video overview of what MaidSafe is all about:

And for a comprehensive info resource on everything “MaidSafe”:

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