Good and Bad News for the Year Ahead

Well, 2016 is rushing towards us, so let me first wish you all the best for the holiday season and the coming New Year 🙂

I thought I’d give a quick “heads up” on what I think are some good news stories in the coming year… but first the bad news!

As always, the bad news is in the “old” world of politics, propaganda, corruption, violence and war. What with US Presidential elections, ongoing wars, terrorism and DAESH (of course), you could be forgiven for thinking planet earth is headed to hell in a handbasket.

Fortunately, there is also good news – from the worlds of science, technology and business 🙂

What follows are just a few hand-picked trends and developments I’m keeping an eye on and which I believe you should be taking notice of in 2016.

Bitcoin: This continues to be the primary focus of my attention as it represents the world’s first major challenge to the financial oligarchy status quo, and has the potential to completely change the world.

Back in February 2015 I recorded a YouTube video with my own price prediction for the end of this year, and remarkably I appear to have been spot on!

So what do I see transpiring in 2016?

I think the most obvious price mover will be the “halving”, which is due around mid-July 2016. What’s the “halving”? It occurs every four years approximately and is a software driven cut in the amount of new bitcoins coming into circulation via mining.

In 2016 the rate of new bitcoin creation will be “halved” from the present 25 bitcoins every 10 minutes to just 12.5. In other words, all other things being equal, the supply of new bitcoins will be significantly reduced after July next year. And in general market theory, constant or increased demand combined with reduced supply would indicate a significant price rise is on the cards.

What could the price rise to? Personally I believe it should rise to, and even exceed, the previous all-time-high of $1,150 or so – last achieved at the peak of the end-of-2103 bubble.

Bobby Lee, CEO of leading Chinese Bitcoin Exchange BTCC, is predicting $3,500. While Daniel Masters, co-founder of Global Advisors, a multi-million dollar Bitcoin hedge fund, is predicting $1,100 next year, rising to $4,400 by the end of 2017

Of course no one knows what the price will be, but it’s fun thinking about it and I’ll be more than happy to see either of these predictions come true 🙂

The past year has also seen continued developments in the technology and services surrounding the cryptocurrency, and what follows are just a few of the significant developments you should keep an eye on.

Augur: If you don’t know what a prediction market is, then have a read of this very interesting article – The Seventh Information Revolution. The basic idea here is that by enabling people to place “bets “on anything and everything, some very useful data becomes available via the “mass mind” – data which is far more reliable than market surveys and the like. Quite fascinating.

Plutus: This company is one of many that’s working on making it super-easy to access your bitcoins and spend them how and where you wish. They are developing (and have already successfully beta-tested) a “tap and pay” app which will enable anyone with bitcoins to spend them anywhere on earth where there is an NFC terminal.

OpenBazaar: Think “Amazon”, but without any company or restrictions. Think of a global marketplace where anyone can sell anything to anyone worldwide – all managed on a distributed platform that accepts Bitcoin as payment.

Abra: This company is aiming to do to international remittances and money transfers what Uber has done to taxis and Airbnb has done to hotels – by providing a way for people to send any currency worldwide without the need for bank accounts – all driven by Bitcoin under the hood.

Apart from Bitcoin, two other technologies have caught my attention and I would recommend reading up on them yourself.

SAFE Network: The acronym “SAFE” stands for “Secure Access For Everyone” and is the development of a completely new type of internet – one where the data is fragmented and distributed to user’s computers all over the planet. 2016 will finally see the deployment of this fascinating technology which will enable the development of any apps currently used online, but in a completely private and encrypted way.

Monetas: This software company out of Switzerland could be going places. In their own words they are developing “the world’s most advanced transaction platform”. It’s an open-source project which aims to facilitate the transfer of multiple asset types (including Bitcoin, fiat currencies and even precious metals) in total privacy and encrypted security – completely bypassing the current “trust” models. They have even got their first client – the small North African country of Tunisia.

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