Did You Buy Bitcoin When It Was 6 Cents?

Did you buy Bitcoin when it was only 6 cents?

Probably not, and neither did I! My first purchase was in mid-2011 for $6 – or 100x the 6 cent price!

Not only that, but we’re fast approaching the $600 price point, which will be 100x the $6 I originally paid.

Does that mean it’s too late to make money by holding Bitcoin? No, not at all. I can see a $6,000 price within two years, which would be 10x $600. But many commentators can see Bitcoin going to $60,000 and more over the next 5 plus years – which would be 100x the approaching $600 price.

But maybe you long for the opportunity to buy an emerging cryptocurrency for just 6 cents?

If so, you missed out again, as you could have purchased Ether back in October last year for around 6 cents, and as of writing today it’s worth $14.40 – an increase of 240x

Did you catch that?

Unfortunately neither did I, although I do have some Ether in my crypto-portfolio now, just in case!

But what if I told you there was a cryptocurrency, currently around 6 cents, which I believe offers a significant opportunity for financial gain within the next two years?

Would that interest you?

I’m talking about MaidSafe.

I won’t try an explain it all here, but instead provide a link below so you can peruse at your leisure. But let me just say, if the MaidSafe project successfully moves through its first Alpha release (soon), then I expect the current price to start moving upwards.

Now, I have no idea as to how much this could be worth, but if the project moves to so a successful deployment, I personally believe the current price could quickly move to $6 – or a 100x increase. What happens after that is anyone’s guess.

To encapsulate what MaidSafe is, think of an alternative internet, where there are no third party servers, but a distributed network of personal computers and smart phones which host the entire network in encrypted fragments.

This “safe” network would provide access to everyone and anyone, with absolutely no censorship, and provide a new platform with the same functionality as the internet, but with no ID requirements, with absolute security and privacy. So if you can imagine that, you will get some idea as to how big this could be.

To explore this further, I recommend you head over to MaidSafe.net – where you will find plenty to keep you occupied for a while.

And if you want to get your hands on some, or a lot, then you can do so on a crypto exchange like Poloniex.

Keep in mind you will need Bitcoin or another crypto to purchase MaidSafe (not dollars). And you will need to observe certain storage requirements to secure your coins.

For more information on the “how’ of buying and storing MaidSafeCoins along with all things crypto, I recommend you take a look Crypto Wealth Blueprint.


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    James Faulkner

    June 29, 2017

    Dear David,

    Can you remind me where your “walk-through: tutoria”l is for Poloniex? I saw it once and can’t seem to find it again!

    Just enjoyed your life story! You are truly an original thinker!

    We have quite a bit in common actually, although I have not developed any financial expertise, unlike you.

    Except for this: I have always lived modestly enough to avod… debt :-))

    Inspired perhaps by doing my A-levels in a tiny, “condemned” house by candlelght – in the UK Would you believe?

    Best wishes,


  • David MacGregor

    Hi James, I’m assuming you are talking about the walkthrough regarding purchasing MAID, and if so you’ll find that link within the “The Early Adopter’s Secret” report.

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