Confessions of a Lazy Online Marketer

How to Make Good Money From Home While Working as Little as Possible!

In The Beginning Was Darkness

Every story has to start somewhere, and in the true story I want to share with you here, I have to admit it began in failure. But first I want to back up a little.

My own background was as a professional drummer from the late ‘60s to the early ‘80s - long hair and all! Trouble was, by 1985 those wretched digital drum machines were taking over, leading to a severe decline in work as bands trimmed their numbers in order to be price-competitive. Real drummers were suddenly dispensable.

As someone with virtually no other normal work experience, I found myself forced to “think different” and come up with a plan to make money in other ways. And that inevitably led me to thinking about starting my own business.

Fortunately I had a bright idea.

It came about when I asked myself the question, “What pressing needs are out there in the market place that I could provide a solution to?” And for some serendipitous reason, I was able to integrate three different needs into a one new business venture - a product that would bring more customers to local businesses, while offering meaningful savings to those customers, and at the same time raise much-needed money for local high schools. It was a win-win-win proposition.

The result blew me away. In just three months of dedicated effort - motivated and energised by the clarity of my vision - I was able to earn more than three times the annual average wage at the time. Suffice to say, I was hooked!

My next business, seeing I was only working three months a year on the first one, was in publishing. Keep in mind this was back in 1986, pre-internet. I saw a gap in the singles scene market and after doing some research decided to launch a magazine to make it easier for people to meet each other. After a slow start, it grew to become the largest dating service in my home country at the time, and the first such service to advertise on national TV.

That business took a lot more work and persistence than the first one, but in the end it paid off handsomely. I sold it eight years later and with a spring in my step, due to the confidence I had built up, I set out looking for a new challenge.

But this is when things went terribly wrong. Call it “pride before a fall”, or simply a case of over-confidence borne of previous successes - but the next two years were some of the worst in my life.

I won’t go into all the depressing details, but simply tell you how during that time I lost my home, all my money and my self esteem - not to mention getting heavily into debt. The truth is, I reached rock-bottom.

But something interesting happens when you hit the bottom and exhaust all your financial and emotional reserves. You’re faced with a stark choice of either turning your life around somehow, or descending into a living “hell”.

In my own case, reaching the bottom provided me with the clarity, motivation and determination to finally do something about it. And that’s when inspiration hit me.

And Then There Was Light!

During my time in financial and emotional purgatory I tried to take my mind off things by reading a most unusual book, called simply PT: The Perpetual Traveller by WG Hill.

I don’t remember how I scraped up the $100 to buy it (other than to borrow or beg it), but I can honestly say it did a lot more than “take my mind off things”. It changed my life, and more importantly my vision of where that future life lay.

Essentially this book was offering me a way out of my present hell hole, by providing me with a completely new way of looking at things and new strategies to make it happen. It was one of those rare moments in life when one’s mind is suddenly opened to new possibilities - an epiphany. And the possibility that jumped out at me was that I could use the newly emerged internet to share these ideas with the world, and create a new life for myself in the process.

Virtually at the same moment I was able to secure a job teaching computers at a private vocational college, which gave me some sense of financial stability and the breathing space necessary to turn my new idea into reality.

My first big break online was to be offered a contract job writing a weekly email newsletter for an offshore services provider. It paid me $500 per issue and was the catalyst that enabled me to start an online business of my own. This consisted of a weekly newsletter and a related membership service, sharing the ideas that I had discovered in that book.

The rest is history, as they say, and I began my new career as an online marketer. Mind you, I had absolutely no experience with marketing online, just the knowledge I had acquired in my previous two businesses, which both involved direct marketing the “old school” way.

But that didn’t stop me. I dived into my new career with a passion. I worked during the day teaching computers, while early each morning and late into the night I sat before my own computer building up my fledgling online business. It was an exciting time for sure!

I have to admit it was easier to do in those days, back in 1998. I had no concept of “search engine optimisation” or how to drive traffic to a website. I simply created a basic site myself and people somehow found it. It was a bit like the “Wild West” and being a pioneer certainly had its advantages, not least being the fact I was earning more than $12,000 a month!

That’s all changed now of course. There’s far more information out there. Everything is much more competitive. And to be successful in any online venture, you most certainly need to learn the marketing essentials, which are in a constant state of evolution.

For me, it was a matter of learning from my mistakes, on the hard and rocky road of “trial and error”. But it was also a constant source of amazement and motivation, learning the tricks of the trade as I went along and seeing results.

Over these past years I have been involved in many different areas of online marketing - in my own business and also as an affiliate for others. I have also been humbled by how often I tripped up, and relieved that I was able to pick myself up again. But the most important thing I learned is that I am the creative force in my own life and the source of my own income. I do not depend on anyone else. I have achieved the goal I set for myself, of becoming freer and more independent. I have survived on my own terms and have the scars to prove it!

Living Your Dream

There’s something magical about the idea of simply owning a laptop, connecting to the internet and doing business with the world - from anywhere in the world. Fact is, it’s a dream come true. Every day I remind myself how fortunate I am being able to live how and where I choose, doing something I love. And I know I’m not the only person with such dreams.

The fact you are reading this tells me you are also someone with a similar dream. Perhaps you’ve tried your hand at online marketing and failed. Or perhaps you’ve dabbled here and there and made a few bucks on the side.

I’m also sure you have probably wasted money on all sorts of “opportunities” or dubious “guru” information, only to find yourself more determined to find the real deal, the “keys to the kingdom” - if such exists.

I know how it is. I too have wasted money on useless projects, purchased courses that taught me nothing useful, pursued opportunities that have crashed and burned. The fact is, there is an information overload out there. We are swamped with competing offers and viewpoints, distracted by the latest hot thing, and tempted by the outrageously unbelievable.

But we are also confronted by the fact that some people do make millions online. There are marketers out there who are killing it. So what’s their secret? How do they do it? Are they geniuses with innate magical marketing powers? Or are they simply people who have worked extraordinarily hard and learned their skills in the “school of hard knocks”?

Truth is, it’s a bit of both. There is no doubt in my mind that some people simply have a real talent. Just consider offline salesmanship. I’m sure you know people who are naturals when it comes to selling stuff, while others would fail miserably at the same job.

It’s the same with online marketers. Some people are simply brilliant at it, because of their innate talent and willingness to work hard.

What I find so soul-destroying though, is when such people give the impression the rest of us can be just like them, and use their obvious success to draw others into the fantasy of achieving similar success. But reality has a way of destroying such illusions, which explains why so many millions of people out there have been down that path, only to depart disillusioned and skeptical - and out of pocket!

I know this because I’ve fallen for it myself, the idea that it’s just a matter of hard work and training and you can be on the road to riches.

The hard truth is this: people are different. We are not all the same. We do not possess the same talents or abilities. We have different energy levels and motivation. We have different backgrounds, environmental limitations or advantages. We have different emotional makeups and mindsets. We have different beliefs and world views. I could go on and on, but at the end of the day we are just different.

The proof of this assertion is simple to illustrate. Take 100 random people and give them exactly the same opportunity, training and tools. Then watch the results. Every time you will find perhaps one or two people do exceptionally well. Another 18 may do reasonably well. But the majority, the remaining 80, will struggle to get results, if any.

This is the scientific way to look at it. People are different. Everything else is based on faith and misplaced belief - often fired up by useless slogans and feel-good rhetoric.

Let me give you a personal example from my own past. Before my internet rebirth, I recall getting a job in life insurance. Apparently my ability to talk confidently persuaded someone to give me a go. Well, boy were they wrong!

After a week’s training I was sent home with the rest of the trainees and told to open the telephone book each night, look for people in my local area and make 20 cold calls - in an attempt to secure appointments.

That’s when reality smashed me in the face. I discovered I had an existential fear of cold calling! What started as a plan to phone people between 6:00 and 9:00 PM quickly shrank down to one hour - between 7 and 8 PM. Why? Because, as I sat by the phone I quickly convinced myself that if I called too early people would still be eating dinner, and if I called too late, they would be watching TV and would not want to be disturbed.

But even with just one hour to work, I was still frozen with fear - fear of rejection. Three days later I quit that job. However, that was not the end of it.

After that dismal failure I began to question why, and found myself falling for the idea that I could be trained out of my fear - an idea supported by the existence of many books and training courses that promised just that!

I’m guessing you know the outcome already. No matter how many books I read, or seminars I attended, I could not eliminate the fear I had of cold calling and rejection. And it took another pathbreaking book to put it all into perspective and relieve me of my guilt for being so useless. The book was called The Path of Least Resistance by Robert Fritz.

The essential message of the book was this: just as water finds its way to the sea by the easiest route, we humans should find our way through life in the same way - by the easiest route. And what does that mean? It means each of us is different, with different talents, abilities and aspirations, and the trick is to find what we are good at and enjoy doing, and simply do that.

I took this lesson to heart when I had my post-failure “resurrection” to a new life. I realised that if I were to be successful at anything on my own terms, then it had to be based on my own talents, skills, abilities, interests, attitude and mindset. And more importantly, success had to be defined by me, by how I personally view success.

For me success is not just about money. I don't have unlimited ambition. I don’t see myself earning millions a year and I don’t need to. I don’t want to work 80 hours a week, or even 40! I’m quite happy to earn good money doing as little as possible. What I value more is independence, the ability to expand the choices I have in life. I also value freedom and have sought as much of it as possible, given the anti-freedom world we live in.

So that became my mission. To reduce the hours I work by doing things smarter. To earn money online where my labour was not the only factor. To create a more independent and freer life with all the money I needed to live the life I desire.

What follows are the lessons I learned along the way - “success secrets” if you will - in the hope you will find some inspiration, some pointers, some nuggets of gold, in your own search for success online and the freer life that comes with it.

Success Secret #1: The Right Mindset

I’ll be blunt. Not everyone is suited to being in business for themselves. The reason for this is that most people have been educated to be employees, and have likely spent most of their lives working for someone else. And the fact is, such a employee-related work life leads to the development of certain habits, habits which may certainly be useful for the job at hand, but not necessary useful - or even detrimental - to a life of self-employment.

This gives rise to a number of potential problems when it comes to branching out on your own and starting a business. And one of the most significant is the matter of motivation.

When you work for someone else, you realise you must turn up for work on time and most days of the year, even when you’re not feeling your best. You realise you must put in enough effort to keep your boss happy and remain in the job. In this way your motivation is imposed on you via an external source, your employer. But when you start your own business, motivation must be self-imposed - or what we usually call “self-motivation”.

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that many people struggle to remain motivated when working for themselves. They do not turn up for work “on time”. They frequently take time off for dubious reasons, and can often be found putting off important tasks in favour of “paper shuffling”.

So a critical component of having the right mindset involves making a decision to be self motivated. You need to imagine that working for yourself is like working for someone else, in that you must expect yourself to get the job done, just as a boss would - hence the saying “be your own boss”!

The other critical component of the right mindset is determination and persistence.

Starting your own business involves risk and often trial and error, so it’s very common to experience obstacles and frustrations, not to mention failures. So the only way to succeed is to have sufficient determination and persistence to keep going when things get tough. And this is where many aspiring entrepreneurs fall by the wayside.

The reality is that any online business you get involved in will certainly have challenges - difficulties you will have to overcome and press ahead with regardless. And the truth is, not everyone can manage this emotionally. Many people give up too easily. Many people get discouraged and lose motivation. And the most critical area where this happens is when motivation melts away due to not achieving the expected results.

Take an example: In an online world full of hype and exaggeration it’s easy to fall for the idea that a particular business opportunity can fulfil all your hopes and dreams. You feel the excitement, can taste the potential success and launch into this new venture full of optimism.

But what happens when the actual results don’t live up to your expectations - or even worse, when you fail to make a single dollar? I’m sure you know. Your motivation takes a nose dive. Your optimism turns to pessimism. Your hopes and dreams get dashed on the rocks of reality. You give up.

To be successful at any online business, you need the right mindset. And this involves making a firm decision and commitment to yourself to stay determined, persistent and motivated.

Success Secret #2: The Right Business Model

I firmly believe the best option for most people who want to start an online business is to become an affiliate for an already successful business. Yes, starting your own business can certainly be very rewarding and potentially more profitable, but it’s also more risky

If you pick the right business to affiliate with, you will have what’s necessary to succeed. You will be promoting a product or service that already has a proven market and successful track record of sales. You will have access to the company’s sales tools and marketing materials. You will be able to earn good commission on your sales and will get paid promptly, often weekly.

However, as an affiliate you will still be in business for yourself. You will still need to learn how to become an effective marketer. You will still need to learn how to drive traffic to your affiliate website. This is the unescapable bottom line. But the good news is, if you put in the effort, learn what you can, then you can most certainly succeed.

However, like many things online, it’s always a matter of “buyer beware”, as not all affiliate opportunities are created equal. If you get involved in something that looks good but performs miserably, then all your marketing efforts will come to naught. So you have to research such opportunities diligently. You need to look for a stable company with a good track record, selling something with a proven market, offering comprehensive marketing tools and support, and of course paying good commissions on time.

If you’re looking to build success fairly quickly, then it’s obvious you need to be promoting something with a good reputation aimed at a large market. While small niche markets are interesting - and I should know because my own business has always been a very small niche market - it’s not typically where the big money is. However, some niche markets are large enough to work with, especially if what is on offer is unique like a high-ticket item paying good commissions.

My own personal favourites are those products or services that can be digitally delivered and involve recurring payments, like subscriptions or membership fees. The obvious benefit of such is that you only have to make the first sale, but can benefit from the ongoing renewals.

Of course, for such renewals to continue the company needs to have a record of good retention of its customers. But if you can secure a relationship with such a company then your personal efforts can pay off handsomely, providing both immediate income as well as monthly residuals into the future.

Let me give you a simple example. Imagine if you were marketing a membership or subscription service of some sort, which charged say $30 per month and paid you $20 in commission. Not an expensive service or big money earner for sure, but it still has potential. With dedicated effort at the front end, you could end up bringing 100 customers to this business - earning you $2,000 up front and more importantly, $2,000 every month thereafter.

Now imagine if you were selling something for $97 per month, that paid you $50 in monthly residual commissions. Even just 20 customers would be worth $1,000 each month to you. But what if you had 100 customers earning you $5,000 a month in monthly commissions?

Yes, affiliate marketing can be very lucrative!

Success Secret #3: The Right Marketing Tools

Online marketing requires certain essentials - the things you must have, know and do in order to be successful. So whether you intend to start your own online business or become an affiliate for someone else’s, you simply must have the following:

Domain Name: If you want a piece of good advice, get yourself a business related domain name right at the start. One popular idea is to create a domain name which uses your own name in some way, or a phrase that is flexible enough to be used for different purposes. Later you may decide to register different domain names for different purposes.

Lead Capture Page: This is the starting point of any marketing campaign. You need unique landing pages which grab attention and motivate your visitors to opt-in to your mailing list in order to learn more. It is absolutely vital to use such a lead capture page as the first point of contact - before your prospects land on the actual affiliate sales page. Why? Because only a small percentage of those who visit the sales page will end up buying immediately, so you need a way to “capture” these prospects before they arrive on the sales page.

Sales Page/Funnel: Once someone has opted-in they are redirected to your primary sales page or sequence of pages, known as a sales “funnel”. It goes without saying that the sales page/funnel needs to be effective at converting leads into sales. As an affiliate, this sales presentation is usually provided by the company you are affiliating with.

Autoresponder: No online marketer can expect to succeed without an effective professional system for managing leads, and which enables both the creation of automated follow-up and broadcast messages.

Mailing List: Once someone opts-in to your list they are like gold to you. Effective marketers know how to use such a list to build trust by providing ongoing value to their subscribers. Think of building a list as building capital in your business. There’s a reason for the saying, “The money’s in the list”, as it’s absolutely true!

Upgrade/Up-Sell: A good marketing campaign will usually have an up-sell or upgrade option of some sort. This is typically a product or service that adds value or functionality to the initial product/service on offer. Many successful offers include a free option, as a way to get people through the door. In such situations a paid upgrade or two is obviously mandatory.

Tracking System: You need a system in place to identify what works and what doesn’t, so you can tweak your marketing accordingly. This is done by using tracking links which enable you to know where your leads and sales are coming from.

Image/Reputation: In order to succeed at online marketing you need to project authority in what you do - to be seen as an expert of some sort and someone people can trust. You should aspire to be someone worth listening to, someone people look up to.

Now, all of the above may seem daunting, especially if you are new to online business, as there is obviously a learning curve involved. However, if you are planning to be an affiliate then many of these tools and systems will be provided for you - ready to go. This makes it easy to get started as an affiliate. However, as you become more experienced you will need to get your own marketing tools and systems in order to differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd.

Success Secret #4: The Right Web Traffic

If you look at any good online marketing campaign, it will certainly include a highly effective landing page - a lead capture page that coverts a high percentage of visitors into leads. It will also include a persuasive sales page/funnel, one that converts a good percentage of those leads into sales.

But if you’ve tried your hand at any online marketing as an affiliate, you will already know that even with all the above you are not guaranteed any results at all - unless you can drive traffic to that landing page.

Traffic is the name of the game. Qualified traffic is the secret to success.

No doubt you have seen many opportunities that appear to offer everything you need, the landing pages, the sales pages, the payment processor, the after-sales support, the quality product or service etc., leaving you with essentially only one task, to bring visitors to your affiliate page. And that’s where most people get stuck. How to get traffic?

This is where the rubber meets the road. Driving traffic to a website is the the be-all and end-all of online marketing. Without traffic you have nothing. Even with the best landing page, sales page and products in the world, nothing happens if no one is visiting your website.

So when you see a good affiliate opportunity, keep in mind that your job will be to drive traffic to your affiliate page, via your own lead capture page. And if you don’t know how to do that, then you’re dead in the water from the get-go.

But all traffic is not created equal.

If I have a mailing list I have cultivated over time, with subscribers who want to hear from me, and if I recommend a product or service to them, then the traffic I generate in that process is highly-qualified because it has been “pre-sold” by me.

Another way to define qualified traffic is by determining the source of it. If you are using some form of online advertising, then it’s imperative the advert itself matches the offer at the end. You need to ensure that those responding to the advert will be in-tune with the offer they are being presented with.

The trap for many young players is to think traffic is all the same, and to fall for various traffic scams that exist out there. And there are lots of them, because what they are offering is the “promise” of what is the online marketer’s number one requirement - visitors to websites.

The trouble with most such traffic is that you have no idea how it was targeted or collected. Sure, the website promoting such offers may offer glowing testimonials and great sounding methods, but nine times out of ten you are likely to be very disappointed with the results - unless you have access to a recommended traffic source with a good track record.

In my experience, the best way to get quality traffic is to control the source yourself, by offering something of value for free, in exchange for someone’s email address. You can then develop and manage your list in a way that makes it an asset to your business. And when you do have something to promote, sending out such an offer to your own list sure beats hands-down most other traffic sources.

Success Secret #5: The Right Automation

One of the things I love about marketing online is the way so many things can be automated.

Just take one example - the autoresponder. I signed up with my first autoresponder service way back in 1999 and am still with them! Why? Because with an autoresponder you can automate the whole process of email address capture and message delivery.

When you visit someone’s lead capture page, that’s exactly what happens, your information is “captured”. You are asked for your email address and usually your first name, and when you hit the submit button that information is immediately added their autoresponder campaign. This is how a mailing list is built.

When you build your own list, you can use it to send out personalised emails on any topic. You can create different campaigns for different purposes. You can write an email on Sunday and set up the autoresponder to mail it out at 4:00 AM the following Wednesday. Absolutely every marketer needs an autoresponder.

But automation doesn’t stop there. The whole sales process can be fully automated. When someone visits your sales page/funnel and decides to purchase, you are not required to be in attendance or deal with the order at all. You can have everything set up so the fulfilment process is fully automatic, from the payment itself to the delivery of the product or service.

Customer follow-up can also be automatic. Using your autoresponder you can send follow-up messages to ensure your customers get the best experience from their new purchase.

Even the business of traffic generation can be automated. It’s just a matter of testing different advertising mediums with small scale adverts, then scaling these up when they prove effective. Once you have a good-performing advert in an effective medium it will continue to produce results completely on autopilot.

Another area of automation is tracking. Affiliate links can be appended with codes, phrases or words that will be picked up by the tracking software, so you know where each lead originated - either from specific pages or particular advertising campaigns. Such information is critical to your marketing success.

The potential for automation in online marketing is virtually unlimited and it’s entirely possible that once you have created a campaign that works - product, lead generation and sales - you can leave it running and simply sit back and watch the money roll in. This is how the word “lazy” gets into the picture!

In other words, the only real work you need to do as an online marketer is to create such successful campaigns in the first place. This is where knowledge, experience and creativity comes into play, in building effective and profitable marketing campaigns.

Automation also means time freedom. When I talk about earning a good income online, while doing as little work as possible, it’s automation that makes it all possible. Unlike owning a business on main street, an online business can give you time freedom like you’ve never experienced before. And even the time you do put in is entirely flexible, as you can work where and when you want.

Success Secret #6: The Right Leverage

Leverage is what enables you to work smart, to make the time you spend working yield results far in excess of what your actual working hours would indicate. Just as a real lever enables you to lift a heavy object you would normally be unable to, leverage in your business enables you to earn more while working less.

So let’s look at some effective uses of leverage.

If you were starting your own business, promoting your own product or service, then one of the best leverage strategies you could implement would be to set up your own affiliate system, so that others could also promote what you are selling. There are many ways you could do this, including purchasing your own affiliate software, or joining an affiliate network like ClickBank or JVZoo.

When you have affiliates you are leveraging your own effort without taking any risk. Affiliates are only paid after they make a sale, so getting an army of people working on your behalf for free is an excellent application of leverage.

But how would you apply leverage if you were the affiliate in this scenario, not the business owner?

There are many ways. Take the business of generating leads. If you don’t have a list of your own, you can use other people’s lists to promote your offer. There are list owners out there who offer advertising space in their newsletters, so by taking up such an offer you would in effect be riding on the back of that list owner’s effort - the effort he expended to build his own list. This process can also be used to grow your own mailing list.

Another hidden form of leverage is applied when using a re-targeting service. What is re-targeting? It’s a “hidden” strategy that you have no doubt experienced as a web user. I’m sure you have noticed how when you visit some websites, thereafter their adverts follow you around the web wherever you go. That is re-targeting and it’s a service made possible by specialist technology which captures cookies from visitors to a participating website, then serves up related adverts to that visitor on many of the other unrelated pages that person visits in the future.

Just think about that for a moment. You get a visitor to your website once, then are able to follow them around the internet advertising your product or service wherever they go. Now that’s leverage!

Using any form of pay-per-click advertising is leverage - as with Google, Bing or Facebook - because you get access to their entire network, their tools, their tracking, their optimisation etc., without having to spend a penny until someone actually clicks on your advert.

To put this into perspective, try convincing your local newspaper or TV network to run an advert for you where you only pay for leads generated. I’m sure the account manager would show you the door if you asked for such service!

Automation, as mentioned in the previous section, is also all about leverage - in the sense that every service or system that automates something you would normally have to do manually, leverages your time and frees you up to do other things.

Success Secret #7: The Right Guru

I have great respect for marketing gurus - those who practise what they preach. I admire their talents and success. I am inspired by what they achieve and by what they are able to develop and discover in the course of their own marketing journey. You can certainly learn a lot from someone who is mega-successful at what you aspire to do!

Personally, I have learned a lot from such people - including things like mindset and attitude, to specific marketing strategies and insights that have impacted on my own success. Yes, gurus are good news as long as you don’t turn them into “gods”.

In my experience it always pays to keep things in perspective and to realise that those who have climbed the ladder of success are usually both very talented and hard working. And it pays to not only listen to what they say, but observe who they are and what they do.

What do I mean? Well, when you look at a successful marketing guru the first thing you will notice is that they have a following, often a very enthusiastic one. They are a respected expert in their field. People look up to them. They are born leaders. And when you analyse all this, you realise it’s these qualities that form the foundation of their success.

Just imagine if you had a mailing list of 100,000 people, which is not difficult at all for a successful marketing guru. And just imagine if they were all enthusiastic followers and cheer-leaders. How hard do you think it would be to make $100,000 or more in just one week? Not that difficult at all!

All you would have to do is recommend some product or service that you genuinely believed would benefit your readers, at say a cost of $197, and have just 1% of them buy it, or 1,000 people. And let’s say you earned $100 commission on each sale. Voila! You would have just earned yourself $100,000 by simply sending out a message. Sounds crazy, but it happens!

Now, like I’ve said, not everyone has what it takes to be a big-time guru. It’s simply not possible - no matter how many times people tell you it is. But you know what is possible? You can become your own guru, a small-time guru if you like - someone more in line with who you are, based on your personality, your talents and abilities, doing what you are good at.

You can take what makes a guru successful and model that for yourself, scaled down to how you really see yourself, based on who you are, not someone else. If you start to act like a guru, to follow their modus operandi, then you will see improvements in your own marketing success, and step by step you can be a guru of your own making.

Having goals is important. But having unrealistic goals only leads to frustration and disappointment. The most important thing when starting an online marketing business is to determine who you are and who you want to be. Define what sort of income will give you the life you actually want. Not everyone wants $50,000 a month. Perhaps $10,000 a month does it for you, or maybe even $5,000. If you reach high enough so that your life will become significantly better, then you can certainly raise the bar later if you wish.

Don’t be intimidated by the mega-success of gurus. Take from them what you can make use of, temper their advice with your own personal needs as a marketer and build your own identity as you move forward. Become your own guru and reap the rewards you personally want. I know you can do it, if you have a strong enough desire to.

Decision Time!

I will be honest and say even though I have had ups and downs, successes and failures, the last 18 years of my life have been the happiest and most rewarding. I have spent my time doing what I love doing, earning enough money to live the life I enjoy. And all of this was made possible by a decision to change my life back in 1998.

You can also make such a decision. You can change your life. You can decide that having an online business will give you what you want in life, based you who you are. And you can make it happen.

The internet provides unlimited opportunities, if you have the motivation to reach your goals - whether modest or grand. And yes, you most certainly can generate a part or full-time income online and create the lifestyle you desire.

What you choose to do however, and how you go about it, is entirely up to you. I don’t have any special insight that would allow me to tell you what to do, or what would best suit your talents or passion. This is something you need to think about carefully.

The truth is, there are many different paths that can be followed and I’m certain you can find one that suits you. However I do have one potentially life-changing recommendation for you, one that can point you in the right direction, help you avoid dead-ends, save time and get you making money online a lot quicker.

It’s a free, 14 day step-by-step video-based action plan called Project Breakthrough, which I truly believe could be a game-changer for you. Why? Because by taking up this challenge and experiencing your own personal “breakthrough”, you could literally change your life for the better and achieve financial freedom. You will be learning from two successful marketing gurus, guys who know what they’re talking about, so I urge you to check it out now!

In closing, I’ll give you an answer to the question you may be thinking as you read this report: “Is this guy really a lazy online marketer?” 

Yes, I am. I don’t have the hyper-energy, motivation or unbridled ambition to go “big time”. My goals are more humble. With online marketing I found a vehicle that gives me a lot more freedom and independence, with more money and the time to enjoy life the way I want to. It’s something I am always grateful for.

The important thing to remember is that your own online business can be the vehicle for achieving the life you desire, whatever that is. It can be as modest or grand as you want. If an additional $10,000 a year is all you need to be happy, then take it. If $50,000 fulfils your dreams, then go for it. And if you want to go big time - $100,000 or even $1,000,000 a year - and have what it takes to succeed, then the sky’s the limit. After all, you will be calling the shots. You will be your own guru.

All the best!

David MacGregor