Bitcoin’s True Purpose

In these days where all the talk is of “blockchain” and how it can be used for all sorts of things – even to the point of suggesting a “downgrade” of Bitcoin the token – it is refreshing to read an essay that puts things in perspective, and reasserts what is truly revolutionary about Bitcoin.

I thoroughly recommend the following read:

Bitcoin Was Built to Incite Peaceful Anarchy


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    Tom Burlingame

    February 22, 2016

    Hello David!!

    Earlier in my life, I might have “railed” against a concept such as disruptive technology. No longer!

    It is clear, witnessing and experiencing, how some people, live and act, that SOME PEOPLE would drive this world down into a hell hole.

    Politicians, elites, and megalomaniacs are what they are. They will do what they do. Because it is who they are. They could not do otherwise than the vicious outrageous things they do.

    But as we are learning, we are not dependent on what they do.

    And this whole idea of “DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY” is certainly a case in point, that I, for one, am very excited about and welcome wholeheartedly.

    So……Let’s build our world where “they” just don’t count any longer!

    Tom Burlingame

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