Bitcoin’s Answer to Monero’s Anonymity?

Monero has risen quite impressively over the past couple of weeks. In fact, I wish I had been prescient enough to see this coming. Apparently something to do with certain “dark market” services implementing Monero as the crypto of choice.

This raises the question, “Is Bitcoin anonymous?”. The answer is it’s semi-anonymous in the sense that it’s not mandatory to link an identity to any Bitcoin wallet (except for third party ones which require ID verification). And without identity linking Bitcoin is pretty anonymous.

But Monero is fully anonymous by design, meaning even transactions can’t be traced. So does this make Monero superior to Bitcoin, and is that the reason for its price spike?

It’s long been expected that Bitcoin would end up offering some sort of anonymising service – and with the announcement below, it would appear such is on the horizon.

TumbleBit Promises Guaranteed Privacy For Bitcoin


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